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7.2.2018 -
Update v0.3 rev3
Author: Admin

Hello everyone here's daily status update;

Numerous Map Fixes
+ Added missing, reported rope spots.
+ Re-worked map, on one of the Wyvern bugged spawns in Darashia Mountain Range.


  • Removed temporarily Grizzly Adams [Tasks NPC] due to bugs, and exploit.
  • Fixed Thais NPCs: "Sam", "Gorn", "Galuna" Thanks to one of the players.
  • Fixed Fireball Rune
  • Fixed Desintegrate Rune
  • Fixed Burst Arrows + Formula Match with 7.7 Cipsoft Virgin files.
  • Couple Minor bug fixes.


Current Progress Priority:

1)Fix Lost Parcels from certain cities to certain cities. (So far confirmed Ankrahmun -> Venore)
2)Fix Djinn Quest NPC's - Quest on its own works.
3)Fix Grizzly Adams Tasker NPC
4)Fix all remaining NPC's in Thais (includes deployment of backpacks of manafluids/blanks/etc)

Please be sure to report bugs, and please make screenshots.
Put them in Forum section on the website which can be found here.

Please feel free to advertise the server to your friends, or on the forums.
It will make a whole better game for all.

I'm open to suggestions; if You think I should change something.
- As long as it remains RPG, and non-profit.


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