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8.2.2018 -
Hotfix v0.31 rev3
Author: Admin

+ Fixes Parcel System, and returns lost parcels.

+ Fixed Quest system. Certain quest boxes were causing server crash.
+ Djinn Quest turned out to be working.

Please note that current contents of depot boxes will be moved to following towns, or in special cases additional special depot box will be added, but only for a week. So please move your items to proper depot boxes.

Pre-Hotfix contents of following depot boxes has been moved to following cities:

Ankrahmun -> Port Hope
Venore -> Created special temporary box, please move your items.
Darashia -> Liberty Bay
Edron -> Ankrahmun
Ab'Dendriel -> Kazordoon
Liberty Bay -> Venore
Kazordoon -> Carlin
Svargrond -> Created special temporary box, please move your items.
Port Hope -> Darashia

I apologize for this unconviniance, but its a must.


Additional contents of the hotfix:

+ House Management commands (Aleta commands)

Current Progress Priority:

1)Fix Grizzly Adams Tasker NPC
2)Fix all remaining NPC's in Thais (includes deployment of backpacks of manafluids/blanks/etc)


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