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Comfort Update 0.64
by Admin
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Comfort Update 0.64

Comfort Update 0.64 is live

+ Tasks (Couple Different NPC's with different tasks.)
Couple NPC's have been added in random spots, the easiest one to find is McRat in Thais

+ Slight Map Fixes, Upgrades, Expansions
+ Census Page (Community > Census) (Live)

Future Releases:
+ Login Rewards
+ Achivements
+ Druid Ofeensive Spells: Poison Wave, Poison Strike
+ Bolts/Arrows elemental Michael Bay 'special' effects.
(It will make game better for RP, with all kinds of amunation for different job.)


// Looking for team members:
1) Mapper
(Main requirement is to fix houses, and map bugs.)
2) Scripter
(Ability, and creativity to create/fix actions, npc, creaturescripts, movement scripts.)
3) Web Designer/Developer
(Create original layout, and add interesting features.)
4) Spriter
(Create new sprites for creatures, items, etc.)
5) Community Manager
(Manage community, escalate issues to team members, start certain raids, organize players)

Successful candiates need to have otland accounts, and previous work to show off. Ability to set up OTS locally to test their work.(Engine, Local Client, Github, and remote MySQL will be provided once trust is estabilished); Do not get offended if for some reason I do not reply, or reject your application.




15.04.18 02:38:25
Edited by moderator
on 18.04.18 05:59:36
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Task NPC
Is it possibile to give few tips where to look for task npc, please.
19.05.18 10:56:25
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New ideas fo update
Hello i got few ideas to repair:
-Blessing system
-knife to skinning monsters
-citizen outfit quest(and other)
23.05.18 20:42:14
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And raise loot rate of chicken feather
23.05.18 20:49:22

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