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Magic hat + red robe
Magic hat doesn't give magic lvl Red robe doesn't...
Drogon0223.05.18 21:36:58
by Drogon
Helmet of the ancient + red ruby
It's impossible to craft helmet with red gem to ge...
Drogon0323.05.18 11:11:12
by Drogon
Mobs in deepest lvls doesn't move
Like in topic above, for example in Ankh desert on...
Drogon0223.05.18 09:03:10
by Drogon
The Ancient Helmet quest Bug
Door with flashing red handle doesn't work on 2 Ph...
Drogon0123.05.18 08:48:25
by Drogon
Anihilator quest Bug + other
Anihilator quest is bugedm you cant enter the room...
Daenerys Targaryen24020.05.18 00:46:15
by GM Pyrokhar
Ornamented Shield Quest
POH in DL's dont pick quest Room. Ornament shield ...
Delux2920.05.18 00:43:30
by GM Pyrokhar
Multiple bugs report
-Npc Rachel on Carlin Doesn't sell bp mfs(buy bp m...
Drogon47319.05.18 23:57:23
by GM Pyrokhar
Ani Fucked... we stay 4x people and go to ani roo...
Deluxom1819.05.18 23:31:37
by GM Pyrokhar
Paradox Quest
Paradox quest is dont have Door in Room tower....
Delux1618.05.18 21:52:21
by GM Pyrokhar
Ice island quest
Missing npc, looks like a lot is missing in this p...
Drogon25418.05.18 21:37:35
by GM Pyrokhar
Svargrond arena
Im killed 3x Arena and have only Bronse reward, Go...
Delux0417.05.18 19:04:37
by Delux
The White Raven monastery Quest
The White Raven monastery Questis wrong is Family ...
Delux0217.05.18 09:15:55
by Delux
Demon helmet quest
Demon helmet quest is have closed door. Box is giv...
Delux11017.05.18 08:33:03
by Delux
Life Crystal
Chester Kahs is thais. Dont change Life crystal fo...
Delux0316.05.18 16:37:15
by Delux
Green Djinn Quest
I did Green Djinn Quest. When carrying out the sec...
Delux0715.05.18 22:32:49
by Delux
Thais and Eremo wrong say blessing NPC. dont have ...
Delux0712.05.18 22:27:54
by Delux
obsidian knife quest
A Sweaty Cyclops does not want to talk to me on th...
Delux11109.05.18 09:38:59
by Delux
Banuta quest bag
the first floor of Deeper Banuta. need break 4 pit...
Delux12002.05.18 14:03:48
by Admin
addons bug
Dont have Npc Hjaern. Nibelor, in a cave to the no...
Delux12721.04.18 23:51:28
by Admin
Dreamers challanger BUG
You cant pick hole to the first room of the quest ...
Drogon02808.04.18 20:08:05
by Drogon

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